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Please don’t ignore this msg, I know humanity still exists.

Beautiful Capturing During Survey
Beautiful Capturing During Survey

My name is Haji Ahmed Ali I am a worker and founder of Serve for humanity Pakistan charitable organization.

Serve for humanity Pakistan charitable organization whose mission is to alleviate poverty and hunger in the country of Pakistan. We work to feed, empower, cloth, and provide basic amenities such as food, water, electricity, housing, and healthcare to the poorest of Pakistan.


Aim to provide 12000
Aim to provide 12000

We Serve!

  • Immunization and healthcare for children and adults
  • Shelter and food to the homeless and assist with basic training and employment, food, and basic healthcare.
  • Basic training like Nursing Assistants, Phlebotomists, office assistants, shipping and receiving. Medical Assistants, legal assistants. Sewing, bread making, food preparation, event planning, fashion designing, Makeup Artist, Graphic Design, and Pharmacy Technician.
  • Clothing and footwear, glasses and assist with referral to dentists and ophthalmologists, and opticians
  • Serve for humanity has been providing a home – as a shelter to the homeless.

Serve for humanity relies solely on generous donations from individuals and organizations. We pride ourselves in careful planning and allocation of funds to ensure that the right set of resources reaches the right group of people. Serve for humanity runs more than 10 different projects including interest-free financial aid, educational projects for children, employment and monthly allowance schemes, medical aid, and utility bill payment covers. Currently under construction are the central building of Serve for humanity in Pakistan, as well as a clinic and diagnostic laboratory for those suffering from diabetes and hepatitis. Many Pakistani citizens residing in villages and towns live below the poverty line. Deprived of basic necessities such as food, clean water, and medical treatment, many families require urgent assistance. The organization receives aid from all over the world. The aid is spent to help the poor and a report is sent back to the donor. The organization can make arrangements for donors to contact the receivers and ensure that deserving people received the donation.

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For other payment methods please call/WhatsApp: 00923049142282