Friday, March 24, 2023

    PPP hints at parting ways with coalition govt over unfulfilled promises

    KARACHI – Foreign Minister(FM) Bilawal Bhutto asked the federal government to fulfill its promises otherwise it would be difficult to keep ministries.

    Addressing a ceremony in Karachi, he said the Sindh govt was providing every possible support to the flood-affectees whose houses & livelihood were destroyed by the recent flood mentioning the focus on agriculture was imperative to improve the economy.

    He highlighted Sindh was the only province that was selling 40 Kg sugarcane at Rs4,000 & when the Pakistan Peoples Party came into power, the exports volume of Pak was significantly low but the former president Asif Zardari focused a lot on the agricultural sector to provide relief to the farmers.

    PPP(Pakistan Peoples Party) chairman said the small farmers would be provided relief through the BISP while mentioning the federal govt should fulfill its pledges with the flood victims.

    He added the floods destroyed crops of five million acres & the floods wreaked havoc for the agricultural economy.

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