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    ‘Establishment a problem in itself, not a part of solution’: Shahid Khaqan

    LAHORE – Slamming the country’s establishment, PML-N leader & former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said it was a problem in itself, not a part of the solution.

    Speaking at a special session on the 2nd day of the Lahore Literature Festival(LLF) at the Alhamra Hall Lahore on Saturday(Feb-25), he also called for upholding the supremacy of the law & the Constitution.

    Shahid Khaqan Abbasi reiterated the importance of ensuring the supremacy of the Constitution, noting, “The Constitution exists in the country but it is high time its supremacy was established.”

    The PML-N leader said that corrupt individuals are more acceptable to the establishment than those with integrity & exemplary character.

    He also highlighted that everyone, including the establishment, must work together to address political issues urgently as delays would not be in the best interests of the country.

    Shahid Khaqan said that Pakistan had only four leaders in its political history: ‘Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’, ‘Nawaz Sharif’, ‘Benazir Bhutto’ & ‘Imran Khan’.

    Referring to the current political impasse & economic crisis in the country, he said that the current political system was ill-equipped to face challenges, saying the bureaucracy also did not have the ability to solve the problems of their respective ministries.

    Considering perks & privileges, federal employees are inclined to work in the provinces, Khaqan said.

    The ex-premier was of the view that it’s the discretion of the people to decide who should be in parliament, but reality is the other way round as 50% of senators make their way into the Senate by purchasing their seats.

    To a query by moderator John Reed, South Asia bureau chief for the Financial Times(FT), he said the incumbent political system was unable to meet challenges of the present time, whereas bureaucrats were also not capable enough to resolve issues of their respective ministry.

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