Friday, March 24, 2023

    PPP sends legal notice to Imran over allegations against Zardari

    KARACHI – The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has sent a legal notice to PTI Chief “Imran Khan” for accusing Ex president “Asif Zardari” of hiring hitmen to kill him.

    PPP(Pakistan Peoples Party) has sought an unconditional apology from Imran Khan within 14 days of the notice & warned that if he fails to do so, A Zardari would be forced to institute appropriate legal proceedings against him, civil as well as criminal, before courts of law & forums of Pakistan as well as of England.

    The PTI chairman had claimed that Asif Zardari was behind a “plan C” to assassinate him. In a televised address, Khan claimed the PPP co-chairman has hired a terrorist outfit to have him killed after the previous attempt in Wazirabad on his life failed.

    “I am telling you this because if something happens to me, the nation should know the people behind this so they never forgive them”,Imran Khan he added.

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