Monday, January 30, 2023

    ECP’s compromise on caretaker CM to turn Punjab into elections’ graveyard: Rashid

    LONDON – Awami Muslim League chairman & former federal interior minister “Sheikh Rashid” on Sunday(January-22) warned that Punjab could become the graveyard for elections if the ECP made any compromise on the appointment of the caretaker chief minister[CM].

    Taking to Twitter, he made it clear that there was no further room for mistakes. He feared that Asif Zardari s pocket & the hand stick of game changers [what he was referring to the establishment], would turn the elections into a selection.

    The former minister Sheikh Rashid indicated extremely serious situation of the country, saying the country was heading towards the civil war as the people had been deprived of buying flour & seeking space for their graves.

    Sheikh Rashid said he was returning to Pakistan tomorrow (Monday).

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