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    How Does Water Soluble CBD Work?

    Why is CBD soluble in water?

    CBD Oil UK is excellent if you use a subcutaneous method (hold drops under the tongue). But when it comes to eating fat directly, most CBD will not be absorbed by the body due to the lack of bioavailability. is the number of active ingredients that enter the bloodstream. Soluble Water can be mixed with any beverage, swallowed, and is significantly more effective than oils. This makes it an ideal product for people who do not like the natural taste of our “Water Soluble Hemp Oil”, people who want to make beverages enriched in CBD, or people who want a better value for money than regular oils.

    How does Water Soluble CBD work?

    When normal CBD is swallowed, the body will use a complex process to make it easier to absorb. The problem is that during this process, up to 90% of can be wasted. BIO-MAX uses a complex combination of ingredients that allow to avoid this process and be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. For a detailed explanation, read the following article: CBD in Soluble Water for Dummies.

    What Makes BIO-MAX The Best Soluble CBD in the UK?

    Unlike other CBD Soluble Water Products currently available, BIO-MAX contains a good balance of to, traces of other cannabinoids, and a range of terpenes in the same proportions produced naturally in the hemp plant. This means that the user benefits not only from increased bioavailability but also from the increasing effect of an entourage.

    What is the Entourage Effect?

    The stimulant effect is when the effects of cannabinoids, such as CBD, are magnified when they are in their natural state, surrounded by a complete range of compounds that occur naturally in the hemp plant. This is why  separation is often less effective than full oil. As a general rule, when the oil is heavily processed, the effect of entourage diminishes.

    What is Water-Soluble CBD?

    Unchanged CBD is hydrophobic, which means it does not mix easily with water. If you are taking a drug that does not dissolve in water, you need the contents of your stomach or your liver or kidneys to digest it and spread it throughout the body. When it dissolves in water, it spreads through your body very quickly because the human body is 60% water. As a result, you can process water-soluble substances faster.

    By making hydrophobic CBD compounds naturally dissolved in water, we eliminate the need for your body to convert it. molecules simply flow into your system and begin to do their job of repairing the parts of your body and making you feel completely better.

    How is Water-soluble CBD Produced?

    These small particles become small enough to dissolve in water. Remember, before reducing the size of the CBD cluster, it is the oil that floats on the water. As the cliché says, oil and water do not mix. Without some form of treatment, oil does not dissolve in water.

    That means that when you take oil, your body has to work on something before you can use it. As a result, it takes longer to see the benefits. Making  particles dissolve in water reduces stress on your body and helps you feel better faster. The nanotechnology process we use reduces clusters to a minimum of less than 100 nanometers. A nanometer is one-millionth of the size of a lead point in a wooden pencil. When CBD particles are so small, they can easily mix with water.

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