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    Billionaire Laurence Escalante Luxury Quarantine residency

    Billionaire Laurence Escalante Introduction

    Billionaire Laurence Escalante: It’s an easy life for some: A Billionaire Palace living alone where he pays $ 1,900-a-night to style himself.

    • Laurence Escalante, the pioneer of Digital Video Planets, is currently quarantined in Covid, Washington.
    • The millionaire is an independent Hamptons Farm Estate in the Wheatbelt region
    • A five-bedroom house, and four bathrooms cost $ 1900 a night
    • It features a large pool, amusement park and outdoor play equipment

    While solitary confinement is often a problem for many families. the billionaire Aussie billionaire lives in it in a luxurious 1000-style resort. – Billionaire

    Virtual Gaming Worlds founder Laurence Escalante involve in Western Australia on February 5. when the country’s government planned to reopen its borders.


    Prime Minister Mark McGowan – Billionaire

    But after Prime Minister Mark McGowan backed down from his decision, the businessman. who was returning from a world-class holiday – force to separate from his four children.

    Billionaire: Determined not to allow Covid’s restrictions to overwhelm his style. the rich actor has been sleeping on the floor in a luxurious five-bedroom. four-bedroom apartment outside Toodyay. in the Wheatbelt region, reports West Australian.

    Called the Hamptons Farm Estate. this magnificent area has a large outdoor pool, a recreation area. and outdoor children’s play equipment.

    Mr. Escalante Has Been Sharing Videos – Billionaire

    Mr. Escalante has been sharing videos. of his wonderful stay with his 16,500 Instagram followers. during which he often shows off his glamorous life.

    In one video, she showed her family going to the hospital for a PCR test. while others showed her fancy sports cars parked on the grass.

    The Extravagant Rental Space

    Billionaire: The extravagant rental space – designed by renowned interior designer Natalee Bowen. Is often rented as a wedding venue and has appeared on many TV shows and magazines. Accessible Houses Australian and Quick Set Reno are two examples.

    An 1860 farmhouse, a designer house, renovated in 2020. locate 105km northeast of Perth and special residential providers in WA.

    Mr. Escalante Has Returned

    Mr. Escalante has returned to WA with his $ 120 billion Bombardier. Global 7500 plane after enjoying a trip to Dubai, the Caribbean, and many other places, with his family.

    Billionaire: While his country is still closed to the rest of the country. the businessman once again spent most of January on the east coast. celebrating New Year’s Eve on a party boat at Sydney Harbor.

    The cost of one traveler returning to solitary confinement for 14 days in WA is $ 2,520 (or $ 180 per night). with an more charge of $ 60 per night per person in the room.

    Mr Escalante, valued at $ 2.15 billion, joined The List – Australia’s Richest 250. For the first time early last year after the closure of Covid helped his video game business succeed.

    But, the tech magnate came from a humble beginning. working for Hungry Jacks for $ 5.65 an hour as a teenager. before becoming a financial planner after graduating from Sydney’s Macquarie University.

    While Mr Escalante’s business headquarters is in Perth. VGW funding flows out of Australia.


    The social media business, founded by Mr Escalante in 2010. made more than $ 200million last year.

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