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    Telenor Pakistan Information And Telenor Calling Packages


    Telenor Pakistan: is an entirely possessed auxiliary of Telenor. On 26 May 2004, Telenor a GSM permit to fabricate and work for a versatile organization in Pakistan. On 15 March 2005, a full sight and sound stage. for business versatile administrations off under the name of Telenor Pak. Telenor PK holds a permit for Long Distance International Traffic (LDI).

    Telenor Pakistan Key Facts

    • Biggest single European unfamiliar direct interest in Pakistan
    • A few of the country’s most rapidly growing organizations. with a rich arrangement of items and administrations
    • 47.240 million portable memberships (2020)
    • 1 264 workers (2020)
    • Complete incomes of NOK 5.880 billion (2020)
    • Month to month Mobile ARPU: NOK 10 (2020)
    • The base camp available in Islamabad
    • Chief: Irfan Wahab Khan

    Maintainable Development Initiatives

    Telenor Pakistan contributes towards the maintainable advancement of society. through different drives connected with the versatile character, computerized learning. safe utilization of the web, incorporation, wellbeing, and crisis reaction. restoring 44 schools in four flood-impacted regions. Telenor PK started a SAFE Internet school outreach program. that designated elementary schools in different locales. with computerized learning drives. Additionally, through programs like a champ. Telenor PK is bringing issues to light on the protection. In addition to training youth, the use and benefits of the internet Share. on the most proficient method to remain safe on the web.

    Personality is a fundamental basic freedom. yet two out of three youngsters in Pakistan are not enrolled. Telenor Pakistan is educating the Pakistani people by providing them with mobile phones. Digital Birth Registration, in a joint effort with UNICEF. Character is a door to different advantages as a resident, like well-being. schooling, and urban administrations. Telenor PK has additionally set out honorable open doors for people with handicaps. intending to make them a significant asset to the economy. and in this way turning into the most impaired amicable association in Pakistan.

    Telenor’s Socioeconomic Impact

    Since our send-off in 2005, Telenor Pakistan. has put the mission of engaging Pakistan at the center of our business. We have contributed more than USD 3.5 billion. to carry new administrations to our clients and to progress computerized. and monetary incorporation to the underserved. Our central goal is to associate Pakistanis with what exactly matters most.

    We are a Pakistani organization. that has reliably shown our drawn out obligation to the country. for instance in the new finish of our new $75M Islamabad base camp named ‘345’. Telenor PK gladly serves in excess of 47 million versatile clients. while conveying items and administrations that matter in their regular routines. With an organization of more than 11,000 locales. Telenor Pakistan covers more than 80% of Pakistan’s populace.

    It is our aspiration and obligation to add to the financial. ecological and social improvement of Pakistan. Acting with responsibility and straightforwardness. since our beginning. we have offered over PKR 290B. To the Pakistani exchequer in lieu of immediate and backhanded charges.

    To See More Details Visit Telenor Pakistan Here:

    Telenor Pakistan
    Telenor Pakistan

    Telenor Pakistan Packages

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    To See Telenor Pak. Internet Packages VISIT HERE:
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    Telenor Pakistan Customer Services


    • Telenor Pakistan Islamabad Customer Services To Call: (51) 111 345 100
    • Telenor Pakistan Karachi Customer Services To Call: (21) 111 345 100
    • Telenor Pakistan Lahore Customer Services To Call: (42) 111 345 100


    • Telenor Pakistan Email Customer Services: telenor345@telenor.com.pk


    Telenor Pakistan‘s Digital Accelerator Program. Telenor Velocity is back with Digital Hackfair 2.0 in an organization with Google. Advanced Hackfair 2.0 is a virtual hackathon bringing. the best designers and pioneers from Pakistan. to utilize Google innovations, for example, Android to construct significant arrangements. This is the second time Velocity and Google have met up to rouse the country’s childhood. to make arrangements that assist with enabling ladies in Fin-tech. Health-tech, Agri-tech, Ed-tech, and Cyber Security.

    Advanced Hackfair 2.0 intends to set out open doors. for youthful trend-setters to acquire new abilities. and fabricate an empowering biological system for the rising engineer populace in Pakistan. As a cross-learning stage. it likewise gives an astonishing learning an amazing open door through mentorship. and studios by specialists. UI/UX, Design Thinking, Product Development. Market and User Research, Data Analytics. and Android are regions where tech specialists from Google. and Telenor will give tutoring.

    “Pakistan has enormous potential and a developing requirement. for advanced arrangements, and along with Google. we have devoted the current year’s hackathon to arrangements. That outfit ladies with the instruments they need. to flourish and enable them to be a functioning piece of things to come’s economy.” said Khurrum Ashfaque, Chief Operating Officer, Telenor Pak.untry’s major cities, and its high-speed 4G connectivity is not only enhancing Ufone’s capabilities.

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